Thursday 27th April

Still windy but I managed to get out yesterday and reord some drone footage of Port Erin (photos already uploaded and have their own gallery).  Video will be released Sunday I think.

Last night I released  a video of the Ship Wreck at Jurby and this evening I have released the Peel video.

Tomorrow will see the release of the Niarbyl video with Port Granaugh (currently being edited) will be released on Saturday.

Still hope to get a vlog recorded either tomorrow or over the long bank holiday weekend on one or all of my bikes.

Youtube channel is now upto 269 subscribers so thankyou for that and its been rising very well the last 7 days.  Shows releasing a constant stream of videos does have a positive effect.

Take care all.


iPhone app test

So I now have an app on my phone for posting blog posts more easily and readily.
I will try to post a lot more often to keep peeps informed of what I’m up to.I Will also do the same on for my drone flying activities.

Wednesday 19th April

Finally uploaded a new Vlog to the youtube video gallery.

Mainly been flying the drone and thus has had many many updates.  Also changed the look of the iombydrone web site today.  Think it looks fresher than the black look before.



so today I have been home ill, not been sick for such along time.  Funny how stress knocks you in more ways than one.  The power of the mind and human body is amazing.

last night I uploaded and published by latest drone video taken at Port Cornaa, you can find it either in my YouTube channel

or my sister site in the video section.

we have lots of snow up on high ground but nothing down low just rain and wind.  The weekend however looks good so I hope to get out with the drone and maybe get some footage of the steam train and trams.  Watch this space and please sub to my YouTube channel which continues to grow and become a good resource for Isle of Man footage.

Sunday 19th March

Today I have captured some nice footage to edit from Port Cornaa and the Glen that leads up to the old mine.  Even discovered a massive house that I didn’t know existed but for privacy, I may edit most of that out.   Hopefully, that video will be edited Monday evening and be available Tuesday, however, photos taken using the Drone should be available later on Monday evening as they have already been edited in Lightroom and just need me to upload.

It wasn’t a great weekend weatherwise on the Isle of Man this weekend but next weekend looks pretty amazing as long as the met office are correct, which is good because tonight we have more gales arriving and predicted rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I did manage to get out for some walks around the island even in the rain and have some photos that I will upload to this site (as not Drone footage) during the week.

Thursday 16th March

Snaefell video made public on youtube and linked to in the video section on my sister site.  Found out some very sad history about this place when in 1897 many miners were killed, anyway that information is in the video description section on youtube.

Have had to take the site down for a short period as it was running very slow as it seems popular and thus i have switched on load balancing across various servers, this seems to have improved things but time will tell.

Also received 3 CD’s from a local musician “Anthony Cubbon” of which I am now attempting to RIP the muisc files into Finalcut so that I can use them on all future Drone videos.

Thanks for all your support and there should be another Drone video made public tomorrow evening.

Wednesday 15th March

Well I didn’t get to fly the drone today but I have uploaded another of my videos from earlier in the week and it can be seen in the video page of or on my youtube channel if you want more control on output quality etc

Incidentally I have 52 drone videos now on my channel if you’d like to view my previous videos.  My channel as a whole has 130 videos which range from Drone, to motorcycle test rides and vlogs if you’re suitably interested.

Becoming a subscriber on the youtube channel itself is a sure fire way of 1. supporting me but 2. Ensuring you get notifications of my latest uploads.

Take care all.  Craig

Tuesday 14th March

Trying to get as many flights in as possible whilst the weather is good.

So now have Onchan video to edit and have uploaded some photos to the photos menu in

I am also just about click public on my Sulby Video on youtube which will obviously be linked in the videos section on the above web site.

You should also be able to see a links page again on the above web site and if you have a web site and want to work with me cross advertising then let me know.

All the best Craig.

Monday 13th March

Managed to fly the drone again today so have more editing to do, this time Fleshwick Bay and also managed to catch the sunset from Douglas Sea Terminal.

3 New Galleries and photos added to the Photo section aka Sulby Glen, Fleshwick Bay and Douglas.  (I will add photos over the years as I fly these places over time).  I am currently playing with the image size to try to find that perfect medium of decent enough size but also fast loading.  These 3 galleries are now 1024 x 768 and looks ok but maybe could be larger.

Anyway more editing and I may just click make public on my Port St Mary video.

Please keep checking back.

Sunday 12th March

Day of 2 halves, morning was quite frankly rubbish weather wise, however the afternoon improved and thus I was able to get out and fly the drone along Sulby Valley.

I have also completed the Port St Mary video which is uploaded but waiting for me to click publish.

I’m also thinking I may need to split my youtube channel to have one dedicated to drone footage and then my current one holding my vlogs and any non-drone related videos.  My channel just isn’t growing and I have to consider its because I have mixed content.  It’s actually really frustrating but I’m sure I will make a decision at some point.

Life on the Isle of Man